Alexander technique Aberdeen Elgin Forres Nairn Inverness - Nicola Apel STAT
Alexander technique Aberdeen Elgin Forres Nairn Inverness - Nicola Apel STAT

Alexander technique Aberdeen Elgin Forres Nairn Inverness

What is the Alexander technique?
Lunchtime TALKS in Aberdeen
Thursdays 10 + 17 + 24 August, 12noon – 12.45pm

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For everyone who would like to know more about the Alexander technique:
New GROUP CLASS in Aberdeen
starting Thursday 7 September, 6.45pm – 8pm

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Group classes

Are you weighed down by discomfort in your body?
Does your mental state affect how well things are going?
Do you struggle, and nothing seems to help?

Do you wish to better understand how to support your overall health and well-being?

Are you interested in learning how to be more at ease, in a more self-directed way?

If so, then the Alexander technique could be for you!

F.M. Alexander's work is about self-improvement. How can I allow constructive change into my life? Alexander discovered some basic principles whereby our capacity to make considered, useful choices is enhanced. One tiny change at a time, and soon a skill can grow, helping to create more useful and enjoyable ways of going about daily life.

This process enables us to create new experiences for ourselves; ranging from leaving behind physical limitations to deeply touching accounts of a greatly improved general sense of self. F.M. Alexander called this:


Ordinarily we appear to be making choices as best we can. But how do we know what our best is? Or is our best, simply, our own very familiar way of going about things?

Learning this process can help our lives in a very general way. We are exploring the relationship between thinking and movement; here we are able to touch on the 'cause–effect' of what makes up our experiences.

Alexander technique new group class in Aberdeen

We discover about F.M. Alexander's work within a small (affordable) group setting. This Thursday evening class will start on 7 September 6.45pm – 8pm at NESMS, 21 Huntly Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1TJ, and will run for 5 weeks.

Would you like to join in this personal and rewarding journey? I look forward to hearing from you.

Phone:  07947 379533

Alexander technique Aberdeen Elgin Forres Nairn Inverness

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